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is a foremost importer and supplier of physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialty for hospitals, medical universities, and clinics in both government and private sectors. Established in 1997 as a distributor of GymnaUniphy Electrotherapy devices, which has gained its reliability and market share to become the no.2 in merely 3 years, Rehab Medical quickly attained and has maintained a reputation for importing and distributing only the premium quality products while providing clients with professional and detailed attention in selecting the right resources for their projects. Our revenue is accounted for 1 – 1.5 millions us dollars per year.

Our Quality

are imported from around the world, including US, some European and Asian countries. Over the years, we have developed and nurtured a strong relationship with both our suppliers and customers, which enables us to carefully select and purchase the world’s major mills. The company has presently maintained a well founded alliance with more than 15 product brands covering most healthcare rehabilitation areas. We are now expanding our lines of business to homecare, beauty care as well as sports medicine markets allowing a wide range of advanced products and services suitable for our customers’ needs.

Our Staff

pride themselves as professionalism and expertise in every aspect of our business considering they are a good team of well trained business mind set group of people, specialized in physical and occupational therapy. We strongly believe that a good teamwork can endure the accomplishment and high-performance which is the key to a business success. Currently, we are employing approximately 15 full-time workers, which are allocated to 4 departments, among those are Sales & Marketing, Office & Operating, Service & Technical, and Financial department. The company offers highly competitive and excellent services whereas our business activities have covered all of the geographical area in Thailand. The market has been assigned to 4 sectors, Bangkok & Vicinity areas, Central & Western areas, Northern area, and Southern area, in which 1-3 sales representatives are accountable for depending upon the size of the market. 

It is Our
to Quality
and Services

that set us apart from others since we are proud to be the first company in Thailand to provide a calibration program for the physiotherapy devices. We will never stop but seek to continue improving our value plus to all of our clients. So we invite you to experience for yourself our exceptional dedication to our customers and their satisfactions.
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